The new feature on the app now tells you how long your Sentrilock credentials are valid for. The app renews credentials every 24 hours. This is separate from the Sentrilock fee of $169 which is due March 1st. The association is working on extending the credentialing to every 10 days.

There is! Scroll down to check it out or download a copy here.


  1. Open app
  2. Press View Nearby Properties on bottom of screen
  3. Enter serial number in Search field
  4. Phone will verify you and code will display
  5. Press ENT on box
  6. Enter code from phone
  7. Press ENT on box
  8. Door will open


  1. Open app
  2. Press hamburger menu on top left of screen
  3. Press My Lockboxes
  4. Press Release Shackle
  5. Press Get Shackle Release Code
  6. Lockbox should be listed
  7. If not listed, enter serial number in Search field
  8. Phone will verify you and code will display
  9. Press ENT on box to wake it up
  10. Press FUNC, 9, FUNC on box
  11. Enter code from phone
  12. Press ENT on box

Sentrilock fees are due on March 1 every year and paid to AACAR.  If invoices are not paid by March 15, a $25 late fee is assessed.

Invoices are emailed to members in early February.   You can find your invoice, and make payment, on the AACAR web portal.

You can obtain free support from SentriLock in one of the following ways:

SentriLock Card Utility/SentriCard® Utility or  REALTOR® Lockbox Web Site.

The best way to reach SentriLock support is via the Internet. Click the  Support  button on the toolbar in the REALTOR® Lockbox Web Site or the SentriLock Card Utility/SentriCard® Utility. Click Add Ticket to send a message to  SentriLock Support.

You can send email to SentriLock Support support@sentrilock.com

Contact Technical Support from Sales Website
A Technical Support request form is available on the SentriLock Sales Web site: http://www.sentrilock.com/contactSupport/

SentriLock Support via the telephone, call: 513-618-5800.

When you paid for your Sentrilock service you also received the ability to download an app to your Smartphone with your SentriLock ID and Password

(The instructions for downloading the app are provided once your service is activated)

Click here to download the SentriKey Real Estate App available for AppleGoogle Play Store

The  GENI  or  GENII  (silver) REALTOR® lockbox has an internal lithium battery, lithium type 2CR5 battery. The batteries for the silver boxes are $5.99 each at AACAR, and comes with a tool to unscrew the back to change the battery.

Note: Do not remove old batteries from a lockbox until you have a replacement in hand. Also, do not carry unpackaged batteries in your pocket or purse as metal objects could cause a short circuit and thereby cause bodily harm or property damage.

The  NXT  or  NXT Wireless REALTOR® lockbox has internal lithium batteries.  To replace the batteries in a  NXT or  NXT Wireless (blue)lockbox, you’ll need: 2 lithium type CR123A batteries. Contact your Association in regards to obtaining batteries for your lockbox.  A Phillips head screwdriver is needed to remove the battery covers screws.

Note: If the lockbox shows no signs of activity and you cannot access the key compartment, the battery is dead. You can use a power paddle to provide a temporary charge to the lockbox and access the battery compartment.  Contact your Association to obtain a power paddle.

The  Bluetooth ® lockbox with external Power Port has internal lithium batteries. To replace the batteries in a The Bluetooth ® lockbox with external Power Port, you’ll need: 2 lithium type CR123A batteries and a battery replacement kit. The kit and batteries are $16.00 at AACAR, and comes with a tool to unscrew the cover.

You can use the following instructions to access the key compartment of a lockbox:

1. Insert your SentriCard® into a lockbox. Wait until the CODE light displays, then press your PIN + ENT.

2. After you press PIN + ENT, the lockbox will display the READY light. You can either remove your card from the box or press FUNC + 3 + ENT to open the box.

(If the lockbox displays the steady CARD and ERROR lights, your SentriCard ® might be expired. You need to renew your SentriCard® if it is expired. If the lockbox displays the steady CARD light and your SentriCard® is valid, the lockbox’s internal clock needs to be updated.)

Also, here are some helpful How To Videos from Sentrilock on opening the key compartment via the SentriKey Real Estate App

New Members: You need to first join the Anne Arundel County Association of REALTORS®. Once your membership application has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation on how to obtain your SentriLock service.  You can download and fill out the SentriLock Agreement and email it to Carly Duggan, carly@aacar.com.

Once you are approved, SentriLock will send an email to create a PIN and PASSWORD to use in the Sentrikey app.

Existing Members: If you need a replacement card, email Carly Duggan, carly@aacar.com.